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High-quality galvanised steel pipe for your projects

 High-quality galvanised steel pipe for your projects

Galvanised pipe has a diverse set of properties that make it ideal for many different applications. Abrasion- and corrosion-resistant, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and the corroding effects of road salts.

It’s also incredibly durable and long-lasting. That is down to the hardiness of zinc. Galvanised steel pipe is made from steel, but features a zinc coating formed through galvanisation. In this process, zinc bonds with the steel, shielding it against rust and corrosion. The thicker the zinc coating, the better protection for the pipes.

Galvanised steel pipe is also very low maintenance. There is no need for additional painting.

There are many uses for threaded galvanised pipe including bathroom and kitchen plumbing, home drainage and water piping. Galvanised water pipe is suitable for both hot and cold water. 

Buy galvanised seamless and welded pipe from trusted stockists

As a leading china supplier of galvanised pipe, you can find  1.5m, 3m,6m and 12m galvanised steel pipe to complete your projects. the pipe diameter is form 1" to 120" 

Whatever project you are working on, be sure you have got the right size and length of galvanised pipe. Fortunately, My company provides all size galvanised steel pipe and fittings

If you would like to ask a question about our pipes or learn more about how you can use galvanised steel pipe in your project, don not hesitate to get in touch. 

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