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Baotou Steel successfully developed low-temperature pipeline steel to achieve mass production and application

Recently, Baotou Steel has successfully developed low-temperature pipeline steel and achieved mass production and application, laying a solid foundation for further developing 

the pipeline steel market in cold regions.

With the increase of global energy consumption, the exploitation of oil and natural gas and other energy sources has extended to the polar, frozen soil, deep sea, desert and other 

harsh environment areas, so the oil and gas long distance pipeline project has put forward higher requirements for pipeline steel quality standards. The surface transmission lines 

and Marine riser lines in these areas are exposed to the natural environment and have to withstand extremely low service temperatures, so the low-temperature toughness 

indicators of pipeline steel pipes are very demanding. Since the beginning of this year, the scientific research team of Baotou Steel Technology Center has learned that a user needs 

a batch of low-temperature pipeline steel L290M and L360M that meet the requirements of minus 35 degrees Celsius drop hammer and impact performance of minus 30 degrees

 Celsius. Baotou Steel Group adopts low-carbon, niobium and titanium composite economic product design, and successfully develops low-temperature resistant pipeline steel 

through controlled rolling and cooling technology. The performance of the product fully meets the standard requirements, and 1,000 tons have been successfully produced and

 delivered so far.


The product achieved batch supply, further enriched the types of Baotou steel pipeline steel products, and promoted the production technology of Baotou steel pipeline steel to a

 new level.




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